How can your organization make more money than you’ve ever made, more easily than you’ve ever raised it?

Let’s start simple.

First,  do you know what your members do for a living? Gold Medal Ideas can provide an information-gathering form to share with members. You will be looking for members who have, or work for someone with titles like:

  • Sales manager/director
  • Marketing manager/director
  • Advertising manager/director
  • HR manager/director
  • Operations manager/director
  • Safety manager/director
  • Warehouse manager/director
  • Production manager/director

People with these titles and their admin staffs make decisions about all kinds of things that will feature the company logo.These things include:

  • Uniforms
  • Tradeshows displays
  • Banners
  • Give-aways
  • Employee and customer gifts
  • And much,  much more.

If even just a few of your members can recommend Gold Medal Ideas to their places of business,  and Gold Medal Ideas can turn that lead into a customer,  your group stands to earn a merchandise rebate. The rebate for 2017 is 10%.

It is that simple.

Want to learn more before you contact us?

Learn more about how the plan works and see examples of just how easy it is to make money for your non-profit.